Case Study

WALPOL Property Developers

[Boutique Property Developer]


WALPOL is a boutique developer in South Australia who needed to sell their projects on order to get funding to build their two new developments, METRO425 and URB4N Apartments.

They had been running Facebook ads for several months prior to us coming on and we were tasked with optimizing the campaign.

The leads they were previously generating from this campaign were expensive and they hadn’t been able to close a deal yet.


  • to sell the lifestyle aspect of the development instead of the property features
  • to retarget WALPOL’s engaged audience and stay top of mind


  • we identified their top two target markets and created separate campaigns for each
  • we promoted their first time homebuyers incentive to a younger audience
  • and targeted a more mature audience promoting downsizing, and the close knit community
  • once they started selling units, we used that momentum to cross promote the two projects
  • we used brand awareness campaigns to build familiarity and trust in the community by telling the story of the owners


  • a more engaged audience; from 3% to 4.5%
  • lowered cost per lead from an average of $84.90/lead to $36.77/lead, resulting in an increase of leads with the same budget
  • WALPOL sold their first apartment in the second month of our campaign
  • they have now sold over 10 units total and received funding to start building METRO425



  • in June 2020 we did a major update to this campaign
  • we changed our angle on the lifestyle marketing
  • and did a big push promoting how many units had been sold to date


  • after running this campaign successfully for a full year, we were able to double their lead flow again
  • on average we had been getting 36 leads per month
  • and we jumped up to 77 leads in June 2020
  • we continued to use the same ad spend budget as previous months
  • and maintained an increase in leads for the following months as well

© Copyright 2021 | All Rights Reserved | Be. Media Group

© Copyright 2021 | All Rights Reserved | Be. Media Group