Case Study

Plymouth Rock Technologies

[Publicly Traded Security Company]


Plyrotech is a publicly traded company who builds innovative technologies to help detect potential threats (explosives, weapons, or narcotics) in airports and large public gatherings, such as the Boston Marathon.

Their ultimate objective was to gain more shareholders and stay top of mind with potential investors after initial contact.

They had been running other PPC campaigns and wanted to use social media to increase brand awareness amongst investors, while growing their email list and achieving a lower cost per lead.


  • to target active investors, interests in competitors and security defence
  • to retarget their website visitors and engaged audience
  • to test different creatives and targeting options to optimize campaign results
  • to promote content including company updates, news stories and press releases about the security defense space


In 3 months we…

  • lowered their CPC from $3-$6/click to $0.35/click
  • lowered their lead cost from $23/lead to $8.74/lead
  • grew their email list by 555 new subscribers
  • the campaign brought 24,795 new website visitors and 747,345 new impressions from Facebook
  • as well as 570,667 impressions on YouTube, with an outstanding video view rate of 12.01%, and 68,548 new video views
  • they reported to us that they saw an increase in stock interest during the duration of our campaign

© Copyright 2021 | All Rights Reserved | Be. Media Group

© Copyright 2021 | All Rights Reserved | Be. Media Group